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Finally – oil to gas conversion has arrived in Northern Ireland

Ready for the switch? The supply of natural gas as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to oil-powered systems is finally here for home owners and businesses alike. And who better to undertake your conversion than GES. With a proven legacy of experience in this very industry and an established reputation for quality, delivery, reliability and cost-effective quotes: it’s a no-brainer for who to call!

Why choose natural gas?

There’s so many of benefits converting from oil to natural gas. For a start, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment – natural gas burns cleaner than oil due to the highly efficient combustion process which produces very few by-products that are released into the atmosphere as pollutants.


The oil tank – gone! Home-owners won’t have it taking up space in the garden; businesses won’t have it on site. It’s cleaner: there won’t be any more odours from when it’s being filled (no more oil trucks and needing to schedule deliveries!). Natural gas is safer, odourless and much more dependable for its delivery – it’s piped directly into your home/business so it’s more reliable. You’ll never need to worry about re-ordering or running out of fuel ever again.


It’s efficient – natural gas costs less than oil so even after the immediate savings of lower monthly costs per unit, fueling your appliances uses much less, saving you more in the long run. It heats your home faster than electricity while being over 60% cheaper and with no surprise payments. Plus you can monitor and manage your usage through a range of control options that fit seamlessly into the office or home environment.

How does GES complete my conversion?

Ok, first things first lets get you quoted.
When you give Gilmore Engineering Services a call, we’ll take your details and visit you on site to provide an accurate, detailed quotation for your specific oil to gas conversion. We’ve been doing this for years so we’ll also recommend who you should go to for your gas supply and what your options are. It’s completely up to you who you choose.


Next – Installation.
With a history of seamless gas conversions, we will be onsite carrying out the installation with  minimum stress or fuss to you or your business. We know continuity of service is as important to you as it is to us so we keep noise, disruption and mess to a minimum.


Gas Supply
This is where your home/premises gets connected to the gas network – the one you selected when we quoted. We can be there onsite to make sure there are no complications and for your peace of mind.


Certification of New Boiler
UK law requires all gas appliances to be serviced and certified on an annual basis. We will certify your boiler after installation and discuss annual checking, servicing and maintenance for new and existing appliances and installations.


Servicing, Maintenance Agreements, Health & Safety Checks
With the boiler installed, certified and running smoothly, we offer several service and maintenance agreements to suit all budgets giving you peace of mind as you go forward with your new heating system

Our accreditations

GES are committed to operating at the highest of industry standard, GES are Gas-safe registered, and hold ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental Management and ISO18001 Health & Safety Management accreditation.